G16-Asian: 5th International conference on research frontiers in chalcogen cycle science & technology

G16-Asian: 5th International chalcogen conference
19-21 December 2016 | Goa, India


The organizers have pre-booked rooms at these two locations for participants attending the G16 conference:
1. Goa University guest house

The organizers have booked 20 non-AC rooms (4 students/room) @ Rs. 800/- per night per room (Rs. 200/- per student per night) in the Goa University Guest House from 18-20 December.

Those who are interested in this type of accomodation are kindly advised to contact Prof. Raghu Nath Behera by email: rbehera@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in

2. International Center Goa

Several room are also available at the conference venue, the International Center Goa @ 5000/- per room (inclusive of complimentary break fast).

For booking informations, please contact Prof. B. Raj Mohan by email: g16asian@gmail.com


Kind note: 

a) The G16-Asian organizers are not responsible for other hotel reservations made by the participants.
b) Goa is a popular tourist city with plenty of hotels of different prices and styles. However, you should make your reservation as soon as possible because the month of December is considered as a high-season in Goa.