G16-Asian: 5th International conference on research frontiers in chalcogen cycle science & technology

G16-Asian: 5th International chalcogen conference
19-21 December 2016 | Goa, India

Chalcogens and G16-Asian

“CHALCOGENS” are elements belonging to the periodic table Group 16 (G16) and include the elements oxygen, sulfur, selenium and tellurium.

These elements, their bio-geological cycles and interactions with metals have many unrevealed scientific curiosities and technological potentials. The 5th International Conference on Research Frontiers in Chalcogen Cycle Science & Technology serves as an open forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research results on varied topics of chalcogens in living systems, industry and the environment. The conference will discuss results from lab to field-scale studies in a diverse range of research areas including biogeochemical cycles, microbial transformations of chalcogens and the role of environmental microbiology and biotechnology in the removal and recovery of chalcogens from wastewaters, waste gas and solid waste. 

Although the G16 conference has its routines well-established in the Netherlands, the organizers are looking for ways to promote the conference in other continents in order to reach new audiences and facilitate networking. The G16-Asian will be a platform for academicians, researchers, scientists, plant managers, and industrial experts to discuss and exchange the latest scientific and technological advancements in chalcogen-based research. In light of this initiative, IHE Delft is collaborating with National Institute of Technology Karnakata (NITK) to organize the first G16-Asian in Goa this year. G16-Asian is supported by Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (Goa Campus) and Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. 

This year's conference will be chaired by Prof Piet Lens (IHE Delft) and Dr Raj Mohan (NITK). Prof Ashok Pandey (Deputy Director, CSIR’s National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology) will deliver the key note lecture. He is the founder president of the Biotech Research Society, India and founder secretary of the International Forum on Industrial Bioprocess (France).