G16-Asian: 5th International conference on research frontiers in chalcogen cycle science & technology

G16-Asian: 5th International chalcogen conference
19-21 December 2016 | Goa, India


The 5th International Conference on Research Frontiers in Chalcogen Science & Technology (G16-Asian) covers the theoretical, analytical and experimental developments, multi-disciplinary aspects and practical applications of Chalcogens. The broad range of Chalcogen-related research topics covered in this conference includes the following:

  • Advanced analytical tools for characterization of chalcogen-microbial interactions
  • Biogeochemical cycles of sulfur (S), selenium (Se) and tellurium (Te)
  • Biosynthesis and characterization of chalcogen and chalcogenide nanomaterials
  • Bioprocesses for the remediation of chalcogen compounds of environmental significance
  • Biological treatment and recovery of Se, Te and S from wastewater
  • Bioremediation of soils and aquifers contaminated with S, Se and Te compounds
  • Chalcogens in environment, industry and health
  • Environmental fate and toxicity of chalcogen and chalcogenide nanomaterials
  • Influence of metals and chalcogens on biodegradation
  • Isotope fractionation studies in biogeochemical cycles of chalcogens
  • Microbial transformations of S, Se and Te oxyanions
  • Novel bioreactors for acid mine drainage, flue gas desulfurization and agriculture irrigation wastewater
  • Role of extracellular polymeric substances in bioreduction and biomineralization of S, Se and Te