G16-Asian: 5th International conference on research frontiers in chalcogen cycle science & technology

G16-Asian: 5th International chalcogen conference

19-21 December 2016 | Goa, India


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of G16-Asian, we would like to invite you all to the 5th International Conference on Research Frontiers in Chalcogen Cycle Science & Technology, to be held from December 19 –  21, 2016 at The International Centre Goa, India. This conference is specifically devoted to explore and introduce the world to the latest advancements of Chalcogen-based research, from a science, engineering, health and environment perspective. Previous G16 conferences were held in Wageningen and Delft, The Netherlands, in May 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2015, respectively.

For G-16 Asian, we welcome your contributions in wide range of Chalcogen-based research themes, that covers the following: novel (bio)conversions of chalcogen and metals, chalcogen-metal interactions, analytical techniques, (bio)reactor systems, speciation of chalcogen, production of chalcogen nanoparticles, role of metals in biodegradation, and other emerging research areas for application. Special emphasis will also be placed on novel innovations (physical, chemical and biological based innovations) in Chalcogen research that has a foreseeable impact on preserving/restoring the natural environment.

The organizers firmly believe that the 5th G16-Asian conference will provide an outstanding international forum for participants to present and discuss progresses in Chalcogen-based research, development and their potential applications. We are confident that you will find this G16 conference informative and enjoyable, and that you will have a great stay with us.

We look forward to seeing you all at the conference in Goa.

On behalf of the organizing and scientific committee,

Piet N. L. Lens | Raj Mohan B | Raghu Nath Behera | K. Pakshirajan


Conference registration deadline: November 1, 2016


Some additional information about student accomodations:

The organizers have booked 20 non-AC rooms (4 students/room) @ Rs. 800/- per night per room (Rs. 200/- per student per night) in the Goa University Guest House from 18-20 December. Those who are interested in this type of accomodation are kindly advised to contact Prof. Raghu Nath Behera by email: rbehera@goa.bits-pilani.ac.in

Accomodations available at the International Center Goa:

Several room are also available at the conference venue, the International Center Goa @ 5000/- per room (inclusive of complimentary break fast). 
For booking informations, please contact Prof. B. Raj Mohan by email: g16asian@gmail.com